3D Land and Offshore Seismic Data Processing

REXIMseis Provides 3D Parallel Seismic Data Processing on Linux Cluster Machine.

  • 3D Geometry QC
  • 3D Refraction Static
  • 3D Interactive Velocity Analysis
  • 3D Multiple Suppression - Radon Filter, SRME
  • 3D DMO
  • 3D Residual NMO
  • 3D Surface Consistent Residual Static
  • 3D Post Stack Processing - FXY Decon etc.
  • 3D Velocity Model Building
  • 3D Pre-Stack Time Migration
  • 3D Post Stack Time/Depth Migration
  • 3D Visualization and Manipulation
  • 3D Cube Merging
  • 3D AVO Properties
  • 3D Seismic Data Inversion
  • 3D TSUNAMI Pre STACK Migration