2D Land Seismic Data Processing

  • Geometry - 2D Land and Marine, Crocked Line,
    Geometry QC
  • Trace Interpolation
  • 3 Component Processing
  • Converted Wave Processing
  • Deconvolution and Q Compensation
  • Interactive Velocity Analysis
  • Horizon Velocity Analysis (HVA)
  • NMO Correction for Long Offsets
  • Residual NMO Correction
  • Velocity QC
  • Application of CRS STACK Technology

Residual Static

The most successful algorithms available to us are:

  • Maximum power autostatics: Uses the objective function of maximum stack power to optimize the iterative decomposition of trace shifts.
  • Correlation autostatics: Uses the Gauss-Seidel technique for decomposing trace shifts into shot, receiver, channel and residual horizon velocity components.

Refraction Static

  • Application of statics calculated from laterally and vertically varying modelsof the near surface.
  • Tomographic arrival time inversion
  • Generalized reciprocal method


  • DMO processing
  • Finite Difference Wave Equation Time Migration - Pre-Stack and Post-Stack
  • Kirchhoff Time Migration - Pre-Stack and Post-Stack
  • Phase Shift Time Migration
  • FK Stolt Time Migration
  • Steep Dip Explicit FD Time Migration
  • Depth Migration – Wave Equation and Kirchhoff
  • Ray Tracing / Tomography / Depth Conversion
  • TSUNAMI 2D/ 3D Time Migration

Fine Grain Spectral Whitening