REXIMseis Ltd. is a private geophysical services company for seismic data processing and interpretation founded in the beginning of 1993.

REXIMseis Ltd. offers:

  • specialised high-resolution DATA PROCESSING (onshore and offshore).
  • Our reputation is built on a QUALITY SERVICE, in terms of turnaround and the use of advanced technological processing techniques, tailored to meet individual client requirements.
  • We have considerable experience in using GEOSYS, PROMAX 2D/3D, TSUNAMI DEVELOPMENT SOFTWARE and other software for seismic data processing.

Our services include:

  • 2D and 3D seismic data processing and 2D/3D Field QC.
  • AVO processing, modeling and interpretation.
  • sub-salt processing.
  • shallow & hi-res seismic data processing.
  • data transfer between different storage media.
  • VSP data processing and interpretation.
  • scanning and vectorizing seismic data and writing in SEGY format.
  • scanning, vectorizing well-Log data and writing in LAS, TXT or other formats depending on clients.

Hardware Configuration

  • HYPER BLADE Linux Cluster - 17 CPUs AMD Opteron
  • DELL Linux Computers - 128 CPUs
  • 2 x SUN Blade 2000 Workstations - 4 CPUs
  • 2 x SUN Blade 2500 Workstations - 4 CPUs
  • 2 x SUN ULTRA 60 Workstations - 2 CPUs
  • Disk storage capacity more than 50 TB
  • Tape drives IBM 3490E or 3590E
  • Tape drives IBM 3592
  • DLT-8000 tape drive
  • LTO-2 ULTRIUM 200/400GB
  • Data cartridges 8 mm
  • V36 thermal B/W film/paper thermal plotter 36”
  • HP 750 C transparent/paper Design Jet 24/36” Colour printer
  • PC Pentium, SCSI Interface, CD-RW

Administrative Information

REXIMseis Ltd. is 100% Private Company registered in Sofia

Country of registration - Bulgaria

Commercial Register in Sofia City Court No. 18545/93

Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry No. 028052200/28.12.1993

Ivan Pavlov, M.Sc. - General Manager